Caramelo de ginseng rojo

Product name : Ginlac Fermented Korean Red Ginseng Candy

Efficacy grade: Korean food
Classification: Candy
Appearance: Brown, oval candy
Unit: 170g or 330g
Ingredients: Starch syrup 48.6%, Sugar 47.2%, Brown sugar 1.3%, Yogurt flavor powder 1%, Red ginseng extract 0.5%, Fermented red ginseng extract 0.5%, Herb flavor 0.4%, Vegetable oils 0.25%, Glycerin esters of fatty acid 0.12%, Malic acid 0.05%, Citric acid 0.05%, Menthol flavor 0.03%
Packaging: Polypropylene
Recommended Intake and method: Several in one day, one at a time by dissolving in mouth
Storage Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight

Product Life:
24 months from of manufacture
Manufacturer: KUAN Industrial Co. Ltd